The bibliography focuses most specifically on the historical context leading up to and including Protestant churches in the contemporary U.S. and their predecessors in Britain and Europe.

General Introductions and Surveys

Studies by Time Period

Period: Early Christian and Byzantine

Period: Byzantine

Period: Early Medieval

Style: Romanesque

Style: Gothic

Period: Late Medieval

Period: Renaissance & Reformation

Period: 17th and 18th centuries: Protestant and Northern Europe

Period: 17th and 18th centuries: Catholic and Southern Europe

Period: 19th Century

Period: 19th Century Gothic Revival

Period: 1900 to 1960

Period: 1960 to present

Geographical Studies


United States and Canada

U.S. — New England

U.S. — Mid-Atlantic

U.S. — Midwest

U.S. — Southern

Western North America: Plains, Southwest, West Coast

Spanish Colonial North America


Individual Architects and Buildings

Architects and Buildings: Ancient and Medieval

Architects and Buildings: Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo 

Architects and Buildings: 19th Century

Architects and Buildings: 1900 to 1950

Architects and Buildings: 1950 to present

Theory and Criticism

Theory and Criticism: Books

Theory & Criticism: Articles